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What do you do if you’ve been injured at work

If you’ve been injured at work you may be wondering what you can do to remedy it. Unfortunately due to the lack of information and education many are confused about their options.

Every state requires employers to carry worker’s compensation insurance to help employees with work injuries, illness and associated medical expenses no matter who is at fault.

If you’ve been injured at work you may need legal representation to help protect your rights. Be sure to do the following steps to ensure you have a complete case when looking for an attorney.

Seek immediate medical treatment

When you’ve been injured at work, your health and safety come first. Make sure you seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries to ensure that you’re okay. If you need to visit a doctor you may need to visit a work-approved physician so as to not forfeit your rights to benefits. Your employer will have this information for you.

When you see a doctor, be sure to share every detail of your injury no matter how minor. Be as detailed as possible with how and when the injuries occurred. The doctor will note your injuries as described which will help you in your workers’ compensation case.

Inform your employer about your injury

Be sure to inform your employer of the incident and injury. Make records of your verbal conversations with supervisors and submit a written or e-mailed disclosure of the incident as proof. Be sure to report the incident as soon as you can. Your employer should ask you to fill out a workplace incident report explaining the details of the injury. 

Save all of your documentation

Keep all the documentation you’ve made in the two previous steps safe and at hand. All the medical records written by the doctor and communications recorded between you and your employer will be used when submitting your claim for workers’ compensation.

These documents will ensure that you receive full and proper care for injuries sustained at work. They become especially important when identifying the long term effect of injuries.

Hire an experienced attorney

Hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you navigate the complexities of making your claim. With the documentation you collected in the first two steps, your medical records and your employer report, an experienced attorney can do their best to ensure you the full compensation you deserve. You’ll be taken care of financially so you can focus on your health and recovery.

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