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Gina Zapanta

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Gina Zapanta has been an advocate for employees and injured people her entire career. In 2020, she co-founded Z.A. Lawyers with Mike Alder to create a law firm dedicated to injured workers rights after having founded a previous successful business assisting doctors who treated injured workers with legal claims. Working alongside her father, renowned orthoepic surgeon Dr. Richard Zapanta, she saw the need to serve the community with a quality law firm that understood the specialized law for injured workers. Additionally, she served a two-term appointment as Trustee on the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association’s Board of Retirement (LACERA) and, in Nov 2023, was appointed to the California Organized Investment Network (COIN) Commission by the CA Insurance Commission. She has expertise in contracting, healthcare management and personal injury strategic partnership development. Separately she founded the ‘Empowered with Gina’ empowerment platform including the ‘Empowered with Gina’ podcast and women’s retreats and events.

Gina currently serves on the Board of Trustees at:

  • Loyola Law School, her law school alma mater
  • U.S.C. Latino Alumni Asso Executive Advisory Board, her undergraduate alma mater
  • Latina Lawyers Bar Asso Advisory Board
  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Foundation
  • President of the Hispanics Lawyers Association of Louisiana