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Compensation Process

Compensation Process

Full Compensation For Workplace Accident Injuries

The workers’ compensation process protects employees from the financial burden of medical expenses after a workplace accident. However, the reality is that most workers do not receive adequate coverage. Without the assistance of an experienced workplace accident lawyer, you could miss out on the opportunity to obtain the compensation you deserve for workplace injuries.

 ZapantaAlderLaw  serves clients who have suffered personal injuries at work. We represent clients with injuries ranging from relatively minor to seriously catastrophic. Our attorneys can help you through all aspects of the process.

The Workers’ Compensation Process

Workers’ compensation was established to protect people who suffer workplace accidents. Most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance so that their employees will have the costs of their injuries covered. However, the insurance coverage workers receive is almost always inadequate. As a result many are lost in the administrative process. They feel overwhelmed and helpless against their employers, the insurance carriers and the company doctors.

Third-Party Liability

In addition to workers’ compensation, there is another means of compensation in many workplace injury cases. If a third party is involved in the accident that caused your injuries — like an outside vendor, a manufacturer of a dangerous product used in the workplace or a person delivering something to your workplace — we can represent you in a personal injury claim against that party.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers can help you through all aspects of the workers’ compensation process. We will also make sure you get full and fair compensation.